Surveillance System for Long-Range Applications

ThermoVision 3000 MultiSensor

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The ThermoVision™ (THV) 3000 detects and classifies illegal activities and threats in total darkness, smoke, sand haze, and broad daylight conditions. The thermal camera is equipped with a long-wave, cooled Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP) and switchable optics offering three different fields of view. It provides excellent situational awareness while also closely monitoring suspect activities in real-time. Ideal applications include perimeter security, border and coastal surveillance, force protection, and mid-range threat detection.

True 24/7 Surveillance and High Reliability

  • Cooled QWIP Detector

    See what people are carrying at close distances without sending someone into the field to investigate false alarms.

  • Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE)

    Enhanced contrast and image processing helps operators see small objects at long distance, making the difference between detecting and missing threats.

  • Fast Targeting

    Fast, accurate, easy-to-install pan-tilt effortlessly adapts to multiple slew to cue applications.

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ThermoVision 3000 MultiSensor